One Step at A Time and One Child at A Time!


KCGF Team:
KCGF is supported by a team that is brought together by one common goal of creating hope to a disadvantaged child. The team works tirelessly and  have provided dedicated service to the cause. They have taken risk to reach isolated areas having no basic facilities, ensuring that their efforts are not without notice for the sake of one child’s delight.

Catherine Wanjiru

Catherine Wanjiru was born and brought up in Kajiado one of the famous Masai Village. She grew up in a culture that promotes early childhood marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), and beading which was and is still common practiced in Masai culture. In most cases young girls are looked at by parents as a means to make money via cows and goats. As early as 6 years old their daughter may be sold to a suitor of their choosing for marriage and since these girls are too young to understand what is it all about they find themselves married of and that's when Catherine decided to become their voice. Catherine decided that she could not sit on the sidelines while young girls where being abused, mutilated and if they get pregnant they are forced to kill their own children. She has worked with Child Focus Africa (CFA) as the Africa Contact Person and through her involvement she managed to oversee the construction of the challenged children Dormitory in Migwani School. Catherine is currently involved in Corresponding with Kenyan Child Guardian Foundation partners as well as donors and managing the records.

Rozie Dickson

Rozie is one of the volunteers and the manager of KCGF, she is working tirelessly for the welfare of children and more so the girl child. She is involved in the protection and nurturing of the rights of children and minors who may be subjected to various kinds of human right abuses like early childhood marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), and beading which are the greatest challenges the young girl faces in the most Kenyan marginalized rural areas. Rozie is one of the active staff of Kenyan Child Guardian Foundation and she keeps track to every all our kids.

Len Vandersta

Len Vanderstar specializes in habitat protection, and since 2010 has expanded into humanity, with a focus on empowering girls in their pursuit for equality, health and education, and assisting disadvantaged children in Kenya. Len markets East African safaris in association with Dickson Wambugu (Adventure Africa) with a percentage of proceeds going directly to Kenya Child Guardian Foundation in support of the organization's initiatives. Len resides in British Columbia, Canada, and admires many Kenyans for their generosity and love for others in need.

Dickson Wambugu

Dickson Wambugu is co-founder of Kenyan Child Guardian Foundation together with Len Vanderstar from Canada and fights and protects the rights of a child. Also dedicated volunteer for Kenyan Child Guardian Foundation as well as supporting a children special needs unit in Migwani Kenya. I also partner with Samburu Girls Foundation in rescuing girls from FGM as well as in Child Marriage and beading. Booking any Safaris or Mountain Climbing with us helps us to empower one child at a time and 10% goes directly to the Child Kitty either booking directly through us or through our Canadian contacts. We can make this World a better place for a child by giving them a hope for tomorrow.

Contact: Kenya

Feel free to reach us at:
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  +254 721 714 458
  P. O. Box 7393 - 00300 Nairobi, Kenya
  Kimathi Hse, 5th floor Room 502

Contact: Canada

Len Vanderstar
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