One Step at A Time and One Child at A Time!

Challenges Facing the Disadvantaged Child


Most of the pastoralist communities live in the dry and semi-arid areas of the country. They depend on their livestock as the only source of food. When faced with a drought, getting enough food becomes a challenge. Children suffer most, they become malnourished while others die from complications arising from a poor diet. Also the men have to take the animals far away to areas where they can get enough grass and water leaving the women and children behind without a source of food. The aged and the sick are also greatly affected.

Lack of an Education Program

Most come from families that do not esteem learning while the few that do are too poor to afford the school fees and cater for other needs. You will also note that the few available schools are very far where children are forced to go through dangerous terrains on their own as parents are busy with every day chores. The schools also do not have adequate facilities to accommodate the learning needs of children from different age groups.

Outdated Rituals and Rites of Passage

There are a lot of dehumanizing rituals such as FGM and beading that not only cause a lot of pain to the children but also destroy their future and health. Children are forced by parents and relatives to undergo them in secrecy because they are outlawed. Those who refuse must run away from their homes and must stay away because they cannot be accepted back unless they agree to follow the set traditions.

Lack of Mentors

These children need to be told that they can make it in life. They need to be told that there is a better life than that which they know in their village. They need to see people, especially from their communities who have made it to emulate and walk in their footsteps. Some need a lot of counseling and guidance.

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