One Step at A Time and One Child at A Time!


Future Solutions

These come in as short term projects and long term projects. When a child is involved in any dehumanizing situation, the most important thing is to take them from the situation as long term solutions are looked into. Projects to facilitate this include:

(i) Current Project 2018 - 2019 Samburu Girls Rescue House & Migwani Special School Class

KCGF is presently raising money to build additional safe houses (rescue center) within the Samburu County on request by the Samburu Girls Foundation. This house (dormitory) is intended to house 80 rescued girls from the neighborhood and from other marginalized areas like, Isiolo, Turkana, Maralal, Pokot. We are determined through your generous contribution to finish the house early next year where these girls can call home.

(ii) Immediate Medical Attention
KCGF, thru professional medical practitioners provide medical service and medical supplies to needed communities. To date, the Migwani Childrens Special Need’s Unit and community has received the bulk of attention.

(iii) Safety
In association with the Samburu Girls Foundation, KCGF seek out and rescue girls from barbaric cultural practices that deny girls their right to female equality, respect, emotional and physical well being.

Long Term Projects
The work of the foundation is to empower Kenyan children to ensure a more prosperous future for them and society. Continued effort is required to ensure that disadvantaged, timid and frightened children are nurtured into strong adults, some of who will carry an unified voice for effective societal changes.

(i) Basic Needs
These children, just like others all over the world, are entitled to a comfortable life. They need basic amenities such as safe drinking water, food, clothes and hygienic surroundings that will make their lives easier. Most have never known a simple and happy life, an entitlement to every child; therefore, we strive hard to ensure that each child receives this from the foundation.

(ii) Education
Education is key to self-empowerment. KCGF firmly believes that societal sustainability that recognizes equality, regardless of gender, affluence, mental or physical ability, or sexual orientation is achieved through empowering children, most notably girls. Girls become women that can share an unified voice in their respective communities and can come up with amicable solutions. "Educate a girl and you educate a whole society."

(iii) Feeding Program
Children under the watch of KCGF require a nutritious diet because they are often residing away from their family. It is the work of the foundation to ensure that all the children are well fed and do not have to search for food to eat.

(iv) Shelter
Often times, rescued children become outcasts in the society. They cannot go back home therefore, a safe and comfortable shelter has to be sought out for them. KCGF ensures that the center has adequate facilities for the children to live a comfortable life and enhance growth and healing.

(v) Medical Facilities
When a child gets sick, there is a prearranged medical facility to take care of them. Some children need special attention due to physical, emotional or mental conditions. Many require counseling services to assist them in their recovery and commencement of a fresh start in life.


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